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Menopause and Metabolic Health: How to Stay Healthy in This New Stage of Your Life

Maintain good metabolic health during menopause with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management. Take care of your body and mind to enjoy this new stage.

IKI Health Wins the EmprendeXXI Award!

IKI Health wins the EmprendeXXI Award from La Caixa for healthcare innovation, receiving €6,000 and advanced training. This award highlights IKI Health's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare

IKI Health: Among the Top 15 eHealth Startups for 2024 According to El Referente

IKI Health, recognized by El Referente as one of the top 15 eHealth startups for 2024 and led by Dr. Patricia Puiggròs, is revolutionizing healthcare through technology.

Let's breathe a future where medicine is more personalized and accessible

Inspired by the pandemic's toll on healthcare professionals, IKI Health introduces a proactive approach to healthcare, emphasizing lifestyle-based precision medicine.


IKI Insights: Digital Health News

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