Improve Patient Care Without Extra Time

Monitor and support patient progress efficiently, building a healthier community

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Therapist's Dashboard

User’s Mobile App

IKI Dashboard for Healthcare Profesionals
IKI App step tracking

Solving Real problems

Work Overload

Physical and mental burnout, compromising therapist well-being

Scalability Struggle

One-on-one session limits, time-bound earnings

Adherence Dilemma

Chronic conditions rise, outcomes fall without patient commitment


Our AI-enhanced platform offers therapists a comprehensive management tool with a one-click library of holistic care programs, personalized treatment plans, real-time monitoring, and proactive alerts for effective patient care and prescription customization.

IKI Dashboard for Healthcare Profesionals
IKI App overview of landing screen, academy and music
Chef illustration


The IKI App offers daily activity plans, tracks health progress, and empowers users with tools to manage and visualize their well-being journey.


The app syncs with Apple and Google Health for automatic tracking of aerobic exercise data, steps, and calories, providing detailed activity logs and progress tracking to set goals

IKI App tracking on phone and watch



Enhanced efficiency, lighter workload for therapists

Communication Improvement

Bridge gaps between visits with continuous monitoring

Salutogenic Approach

Proactive & Preventive empowerment for improved outcomes

Empowerment in Self-Care

Comprehensive content & reminders all in one place

360º Vision and Support

Professional collaboration, daily feedback

Enhancing Engagement

Updated content, gamification, positive reinforcement

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