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Dra. Patricia Puiggròs
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Behind IKI App


Dr. Patricia Puiggros' story is one of a remarkable fusion of medical expertise, athletic achievement, and entrepreneurial vision.

Beginning her career in prestigious hospitals, she also carved a name for herself in the world of Stand Up Paddle. Her creation of Mallorca Sport Medicine at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Palma is a testament to her innovative spirit, transforming it into a renowned center for athlete care.

Her bold decision to leave a stable position in the public health sector marked the birth of Iki health. Under Patricia's leadership, Iki health has grown towards financial sustainability and prominence in digital health.

Patricia, alongside her dedicated team, is committed to democratizing health access and empowering therapists worldwide.

This collaborative journey is a testament to their shared mission of transforming health care.

"Empower individuals to harness their strengths, resources and maintain optimal health from the outset"

Our Journey

2nd Q 2022

MVP Validated: Engaged over 800 end-users
Therapist Collaboration: Partnered with 30 therapists
Positive Outcomes: Achieved in clinical efficacy and user satisfaction
Finance: Own capital and Friends & Family funding round

1st Q 2023

Pre-seed round closed
Non-dilutive public funds of Consell Mallorca

Developement: IKI App v 1.0

CORE Team Profiles

2nd Q 2023

ENISA Woman Loan

Emerging Company Certification by ENISA
Finalist in BIOB, Takeda, Gilead, i4kids & Premis Cercle Grants

2nd Q 2023

CONETIC and ICEX funding for Richi Foundation's Boston Entrepreneur Program

Early Customers in Pre-Sale Acquired


IKI App Market Launch: Growth Stage

Sales Projection: B2B Revenue Stream

Opening the B2C Channel Exploring the Pediatric Niche Market


Expansion stage: Iki App v 2.0

Sales Projection
: B2B2C Revenue Stream

International Growth Team Decentralized technologyRV/AR: immersive therapeutics

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IKI News

IKI News
IKI Health Wins the EmprendeXXI Award!

IKI Health wins the EmprendeXXI Award from La Caixa for healthcare innovation, receiving €6,000 and advanced training. This award highlights IKI Health's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare

IKI News
IKI Health: Among the Top 15 eHealth Startups for 2024 According to El Referente

IKI Health, recognized by El Referente as one of the top 15 eHealth startups for 2024 and led by Dr. Patricia Puiggròs, is revolutionizing healthcare through technology.

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