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Dr. Puiggros, founder and CEO of IKI Health, starts by saying. : " IKI, which means 'breath,' has been essential in my 12 years of medical practice."

The pandemic exacerbated the stress and burnout of healthcare professionals, inspiring me to create IKI Health as a global solution. Lifestyle-based precision medicine is a proactive approach to prevent and treat chronic diseases, responsible for 70% of preventable deaths.

IKI Health suggests a paradigm shift in healthcare with personalized programs and real-time monitoring tools designed for efficient, tailored care. For example, Emily, suffering from fibromyalgia, receives a customized IKI program. This approach improves doctor-patient interaction and optimizes professional time. Validated in Boston, IKI Health is a leader in Lifestyle-Based Personalized Medicine for B2B, focusing on health professionals and clinics.

As founder and CEO of IKI Health, I am proud of our team of health, technology, and finance experts. After validating our MVP in 5 Spanish-speaking countries, we achieved high professional satisfaction and significantly improved clinical results and treatment adherence.

IKI Health is an innovative tool for treating and preventing chronic diseases, always under professional prescription, enhancing the efficiency of health professionals and patients' quality of life.

Our vision is to transform medical care with a proactive and preventive approach, using machine learning for precision prescribing.

In this link, you can access the interview conducted with Dr. Puiggros for the newspaper Ultima Hora, following their status as finalists in the Connect Sprint Final in the Balearic Islands



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