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IKI Health is actively investigating Boston's flourishing life sciences ecosystem and has uncovered some fascinating insights.

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Patricia Puiggros, the CEO and founder of IKI Health, is making great strides in representing her company in Boston, a city renowned for its contributions to the health industry. She is currently participating in the Richi Entrepreneur program, which is co-financed by ICEX Spain Export and Investments and managed by Conetic. This program is providing her with a unique opportunity to immerse herself in the North American market, specifically within Massachusetts's thriving life sciences sector. It's inspiring to see entrepreneurs like Patricia taking advantage of programs like this to expand their knowledge and grow their businesses.

Patricia's time in Boston has provided her with valuable insights into the local life sciences ecosystem. Boston has a thriving life sciences ecosystem with numerous opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Patricia has connected with key stakeholders and innovators in the local ecosystem, fostering valuable relationships. The program has provided her with in-depth market immersion, enabling her to understand the nuances of the U.S. healthcare and life sciences sector. IKI Health is actively exploring opportunities for expansion into the U.S. market, leveraging the knowledge and connections gained during this program. Patricia's participation in the Richi Entrepreneur program has been instrumental in gaining insights and guidance for IKI Health's growth strategy.

Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates as IKI Health boldly ventures into new territories and expands its presence in the global healthcare arena.


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