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IKI Health: Among the Top 15 eHealth Startups for 2024 According to El Referente

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With great enthusiasm, we share that IKI Health has been selected by El Referente as one of the top 15 eHealth startups to watch in 2024. This achievement recognizes our innovation and leadership in digital health and underscores our unwavering commitment to the continuous improvement of healthcare through technology. This acknowledgment comes at a pivotal moment, reaffirming our role in the digital transformation of healthcare and our efforts to provide effective and accessible solutions to professionals and patients alike. Founded by Dr. Patricia Puiggròs, IKI Health represents a story of innovation and vision. With a distinguished career in medicine and sports, Patricia founded IKI Health to transform healthcare through technology.

Dr. Patricia Puiggròs founded IKI Health as a testament to innovation and vision. With a notable background in medicine and sports, Patricia established IKI Health to revolutionize healthcare through technology. Its mission is to democratize health access, empower therapists worldwide, and lead in digital health sustainability. This journey reflects a commitment to enhancing medical care by merging clinical experience, athletic achievements, and business leadership.

The IKI App v 1.0 is an innovative tool that enhances medical treatment adherence through personalized notifications and instant feedback, fostering effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients. This ensures consistent treatment tracking and creates a supportive environment that encourages patients to adhere to their care plans. IKI Health's holistic approach integrates exercise, nutrition, and relaxation based on salutogenesis, focusing on health promotion. The upcoming version 2.0 aims to introduce personalized exercise prescriptions using AI, marking a significant step towards more personalized and effective healthcare.

IKI Health is establishing itself as a proactive and comprehensive wellness leader, signaling a significant shift in the health sector. Its focus on customized solutions and advanced technology has the potential to redefine medical care, advocating for a more preventative and patient-centered approach. The acknowledgment by El Referente reflects IKI Health's impactful innovation, driving us to continue our mission of enhancing global health and wellness. We're grateful to everyone who has joined us on this journey and shared this achievement with our dedicated team, users, and partners.


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